Care and Cleaning

Thank you for your purchase, and we hope you love your new item. Below are a few tips for keeping them looking great.
Canvas - Canvas should never be washed in a washing machine unless it is absolutely necessary. If it is needed and there is no other way around it expect some shrinkage, and the canvas will develop wrinkles. Fortunately not all is lost as dampening the canvas and stretching will usually help, and eventually through use it will be back to normal. It does sometimes cause some color changes but most people like the aging look.

- When possible wipe dirt and debris off first with a dry cloth, and if that doesn’t work try dampening the cloth with water. If all else fails, add a mild detergent and lightly scrub.
- Wet canvas should be dried naturally. Hang it up and the air will do the rest, some of our canvas has a special wax added to the dye which adds more water repellency, a dryer could easily strip the wax from the fibers so it is not recommended.
- Try and store your canvas bags hanging up in a dry area if it is long term. Never leave canvas on a cold concrete floor or out in a garage, moisture is cottons enemy.
- Follow these simple steps and you could very well have a bag that can be passed down generations.

Polyester/Nylon 1000D - Care and cleaning of these man made materials is very simple. A rag with some dish soap, a little scrubbing and your all set.
- Always make sure to keep these materials as dry as possible after use, though coated to be waterproof they can and will still absorb some moisture. With proper storage and ventilation it should last years to come.

Poly/Cotton Blends - All of our poly cotton blends are washed in a washing machine, and dried using a conventional dryer to remove sizing. When this fabric is used for garments or aprons it is completely safe to wash and dry by machine.
- These materials are very wrinkle resistant, however if needed it can be ironed. Please check the settings on your iron for what temperature to place it on as too hot of an iron can melt the polyester causing a glossy finish.