Red Whoah Red Mini EDClam

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Red Whoah Red Mini EDClam-1
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Made in the USA - Small batch one at a time never factory produced!
3.5"x5"x1.25" aproximately - Handmade allow for small size variations.
Built tough and durable out of multiple layers of 600D Poly a material well known for its water resistance, strength to weight ratio, and longevity. Unlike Nylon it feels much thicker and stiffer in the hand and keeps it's shape very well.
The front features a zip pocket the long way with a 2"x5" Loop area for patches, and the back features another loop area diagonal. All zippers are YKK #5 Coil Zippers.

Inside each side features a tall pocket and a short pocket with the left divided in the short nearly 2/3 and a wide open right pocket. Both sides also have a hang loop, and the left has more patch loop.

Built Tough and in the USA. Color may appear slightly different ... if the pouch crushes down in transit it can be reshaped easily by pressing from the inside corners outward, over time this pouch will break in more and relax but until then don't hesitate to give it some shape.